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Toast to the Ladies

By Bro. Stefan Dobrostanski

Babies cry for it and grown men die for it. – the affection if a lady.

Our greatest strength lies with you, mostly in the form of our soiled shirts;

Our grace emanates for you, as we have little of our own;

Our charity originates because of you, because you have endless patients for our follies – gents, don’t push this one too far

You give up your time with us so we can conduct our labours,

You support our beliefs, encourage our dreams and give us advise, if only in a way not to bruise our tender ego.

There is no honour high enough and gift we can buy of sufficient value to repay what your labours and sacrifice have done for us.

With our arrogance and pride we sincerely offer you the most humble if things;

Our thoughts, our thanks, our hearts, our devotions.